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Sirius Business Solutions is certified by and participates in the global WSI Network of Internet Consultants, production centers, and suppliers.

Sirius Business Solutions, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, provides onsite services in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, Milpitas, Burlingame, Campbell, Foster City, Fremont, Daly City, San Carlos, San Francisco and Hayward. Virtual services are provided throughout the world.

What is the Value of eMail Marketing Analytics?

-- Measuring results to achieve better results 

eMail is one of the most effective tactics of digital marketing to past customers and those who have opted into the sales funnel.  eMail marketing analytics provide a report card on past effectiveness as well as anticipated results for email campaigns pending launch.

:  eMail marketing is not typically a best practice for prospecting.  Sending unsolicited emails is spamming and Sirius Business is a non-spamming agency.  “Solicited” can be either directly or indirectly. Recipients can opt-out of future emails by clicking a clearly labeled button included in each mailing.
Constant Contact email marketing analytics report

There are several email marketing analytics systems.  Some email marketing programs are included in today’s content management systems.  For instance, the Palo Alto Business Referral Network’s website is inclusive of a robust email marketing system where recipients opt in and out.  It uses built-in Google Analytics. There is no administrative effort necessary and all website and email analytics are available from a single dashboard.

Third party email marketing services such as Constant Contact and Vertical Response include analytics programs that measure

  • Bounce rate:  Undeliverable portion.  These are further broken down by bounce cause, i.e. address no longer valid, mailbox full and etc.
  • Opt-out:  Recipients removing themselves from future mailings.  A high opt-out rate may be indicative of irrelevant content, unfavorable tone, changing market, etc.
  • Opens:  Recipients who opened the email from preview.  The higher the open rate the higher the perceived interest.
  • Clicks:  Recipients who clicked a link in the email to land on a web page.  Clicks are indicative of interest and a key goal in driving targeted traffic to web pages.
  • Forwards:  Recipients who sent the email to another recipient.  Forwards are key to success in viral marketing.
  • Unique Click Throughs:  Popularity of links from email messages to specific web landing pages.  Link and page popularity measurements enable email marketers to include more relevant (and less irrelevant) information to targeted audiences.
WSI Digital Marketing Pro Dashboard

Sirius Business uses a digital marketing agency system that incorporates a single analytics system measuring email, website and social media results.  It is a professional platform that optimizes return on investment for clients’ digital marketing budgets.

The Sirius Business solution enables customized automatic emails to be sent to contacts visiting specific pages, commemorative emails for events like birthdays and other “triggers” set up in the system.


For more information about email marketing analytics or any services offered by Sirius Business, call us at 650-321-4229, complete the Sirius Business online form or send us an email.  Sirius Business offers a free 30 minute initial consultation.  Please call now.